Reader Engagement Project:

Counting Activities for Indoors or Outdoors

In the picture book, Around the Neighborhood: A Counting Lullaby (Amazon Children’s Publishing), the popular lullaby “Over in the Meadow” is reimagined with neighborhood families–including a mother and her child, a dog and his puppies, a spider and his spiderlings, and a mallard and her ducklings.

With Curious City’s Story Hour Kit, families take a trip “around the neighborhood” when they sing and hum along to this new version of the classic lullaby, play a game of animal identification, count to ten, and with a simple craft, create a necklace of counting cards.

The kit includes:

Around the Neighborhood Story Hour Kit
An Activity for Libraries and Early Childhood Classrooms that invites families to listen to a reading, to search for the featured animals 1-10, to gather counting cards, to string the cards on a necklace, and to leave with an ecouragment to have adventures with their children “around the neighborhood.”

What We Saw “Around the Neighborhood”
An activity sheet that encourages families to explore outdoors and discuss and record their adventures.

Around the Neighborhood Counting Posters
Free 1- 10 posters to hang in a home, classroom, or library.

Around the Neighborhood Story Hour Craft

Tools for Engagement:

• Download the Around the Neighborhood Story Hour Kit for Libraries, Early Childhood Classrooms & Families (PDF)
• Download the Around the Neighborhood Counting Posters for your Home, Classroom, or Library (PDF)
• Discover Other Tools on Author’s Website

Best Users:

Public Children’s Librarians, Early Childhood Classrooms, Play Groups, School Librarians, Pre-K-1

Best Audience:

Children Grades PreK-1

Based on the Book:

Around the Neighborhood: A Counting Lullaby
By Sarah L. Thomson
Illustrated by Jana Christy
Published by Amazon Children’s Publishing

Available in Hardcover
Ages 3 and up

Find a copy of the book:
Amazon | B&N | IndieBound | Local Library

Around the Neighborhood Counting Poster

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