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While not all of your readers know what it is like to suddenly become an older sibling, they all know the frustration of wanting something from a distracted adult or what it’s like to feel left out. Raisin, the littlest cow, is experiencing these familiar frustrations.  However, she does not despair; she comes up with her own solution.

Raisin Activity

With this kit, your readers can recreate Raisin’s moment of ingenuity and independence with a small cut-out of Raisin.  Your readers may be amused and intrigued by Raisin’s list making. With this kit, you can encourage your readers to express their likes and dislikes in list form, just like the littlest cow.

The kit contains:
— Poster and copy to share your event
— Suggested preparation
— Raisin Cut-out
— Reproducible lists



Raisin, the Littlest Cow: Story Hour Kit (PDF)

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RAISIN, the Littlest Cow
By Miriam Busch & Larry Day
ISBN-13: 9780062427632
Published by Balzer + Bray / HarperCollins
Age Range: 4 – 8 Years

Raisin loves being the littlest cow in the herd. All the other cows dote on her, and life is grand.

But one day, Raisin’s mother has a new little cow . . . one who is even smaller than Raisin. And suddenly everything changes. Raisin has never liked change, and this one is the worst. Now no one pays attention to her, the new baby smells funny, and even the weather won’t cooperate.

But then, when absolutely everything is going wrong, Raisin discovers a change in herself—one that delights the entire herd. 
Even (and especially!) the new baby.


“Written with empathy, a bit of drama, and touches of humor…offers a reassuring new slant on a timeless story.” —Booklist
“This is a successful book on many levels. The illustrations are appealing, and the characters are full of expression. This title will be helpful to parents who are introducing a new baby into a family and have young ones who might be having a difficult time adjusting to the situation. This story will also be beneficial for helping children who have a hard time dealing with change. VERDICT An appealing read-aloud for one-on-one and small group sharing; ideal for medium to large collections.”
School Library Journal
“… Raisin’s feelings were hurt. She felt left out and was angry. Raisin felt this change in her life was dreadful, or was it?  Charming in every way, Raisin the Littlest Cow provides a strong message about misconceptions, adapting to change and growing from both.” 
—Kendal Rautzhan, Reading Eagle




  1. aaahhh!!! This is so adorable!! 😀

    • Illustrator Larry Day is a marvel. Raisin IS adorable!

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