Water Castle Library Scavenger Hunt

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Reader Engagement Project: A Library Scavenger Hunt for Book Clubs, Summer Reading, Library Sleep Overs, Vacation Programs, Library Orientation, and Catalog Lessons. Do you believe in the unbelievable? The acclaimed middle grade novel, The Water Castle follows three kids as they attempt to unravel the clues that may lead to the fabled Fountain of Youth.  This event kit leads your young patrons on their own journey of discovery with a series of clues on beautifully illustrated cards.  The clues takes patrons through the shelves of your library with you deciding both the locations of the clues...

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Starry River of the Sky: Interactive Read Aloud & Game for Events

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Reader Engagement Project: Create an Event with an Interactive Read Aloud and Game Based on Chinese Myth Starry River of the Sky by Grace Lin (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers) follows the boy Rendi as he evolves from an angry runaway stranded in a forsaken Chinese village without friends (or the desire to make friends) to a boy who rescues that village by trusting himself and others. Rendi becomes that hero by listening to ancient stories and by telling his own. Like Grace Lin’s related Newbery Honor novel, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, the stories within this novel seem only to...

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Starry River of the Sky: Art, Astronomy, Math, History, and Mythology Activities

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Reader Engagement Project: A Series of Activities from Art to Math to Engage Readers Post Read Starry River of the Sky by Grace Lin (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers) is the story of the boy Rendi, who runs away from his family only to find himself in a village where the moon has disappeared.  Each night, instead of seeing the moon, Rendi is troubled by mournful moans that only he can hear.  The only thing that distracts Rendi are the stories of Madame Chang.  Are there hidden meanings in these tales that will explain the moon’s disappearance?  Will Rendi discover them and restore...

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