Kinetic Literacy

Always Twins: Story Hour Kit

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Reader Engagement Project: THE BOOK “You two are just alike!” everyone tells duckling twins Olivia and Lily in Always Twins by Teri Weidner (Holiday House). But while Olivia likes to “jump in the mud,” run around, and quack so everyone can hear, Lily prefers studying and daydreaming. These different activities don’t always work well together, and eventually the twins grow annoyed by their differences and head off in opposite directions. But the twins can’t stand to be apart for long. Lily comes looking for Olivia, only to find her stuck in a tree. An adventure ensues that ends in a...

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Extraordinary Warren: Story Hour Kit

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Reader Engagement Project: THE BOOKS In the picture books, Extraordinary Warren Saves the Day and Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken, Warren, a bespectacled chicken, is bored with the everyday chicken routine (peck, cluck, feed; peck, cluck, feed) until he finds a sidekick in the newly hatched Egg. Early one morning the ever curious Egg takes off on his own and crosses the road, where he winds up getting lost in a field of corn. When Warren finally realizes Egg has flown the coop, nothing stops him from locating his best buddy! “A good-humored story that nicely blends picture book,...

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Baking Day at Grandma’s: Story Hour Kit

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Reader Engagement Project: The Book In the picture book Baking Day At Grandma’s by Anika Denise and illustrated by Christopher Denise (Philomel), three cubs join their grandmother for a day of baking. While their cake is in the oven, Grandma puts on some old-time music for “skippy notes and tapping feet.” The three cubs leave with treat bags with pieces of cake inside to share with their neighbors. “It’s perfect for individual sharing, storytime, baking time, and pretty much any time.” —School Library Journal The Story Hour Kit The companion activities in this kit (created by Anika and...

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Cub’s Big World: Story Hour Kit

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Reader Engagement Project: The Book In the the picture book Cub’s Big World, a polar bear cub gets separated from her mother.  (Don’t worry, Mom is really nearby all the time.) Cub runs, pounces, and leaps after other animals, thinking each is her mom. “The suspense is toddler-perfect…”  —The Horn Book Magazine “Cub’s Big World is a big must-have.” —School Library Journal The Story Hour Kit The activity in this kit allows children to become Cub and look for four animals while mimicking the movement of each.  Upon finding each animal, children...

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Moxie Cache: Treasure Hunt for MG/YA Chapters

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Reader Engagement Project: The Moxie Cache is a simple library activity to hide, geocache, or otherwise treasure hunt for 3 free chapters (as a PDF or MP3!). Those chapters open Moxie and the Art of Rule Breaking: A 14 Day Mystery by Erin Dionne (Dial Books), a new novel about a pair of teens who use their geocaching and problem solving skills to hunt for the lost treasures of the infamous the Isabella Stewart Gardner art heist. “[A] breathless thrill-ride.” –SLJ The Moxie Cache kit contains: 50 Moxie Cache Cards These business card-sized cards can be hidden or geocached in your...

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Here Come the Humpbacks!: Migration Game

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Reader Engagement Project: A Whale Migration Game for Classrooms, Libraries, Bookstores, & Other Mammal Loving Locales Encouraging readers (ages 5-10) to imagine both the perils and delights of being a baby humpback on its first migration through the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The Book In the new non-fiction picture book Here Come the Humpbacks! by acclaimed science writer April Pulley Sayre, young readers follow along as a mother humpback whale and her calf make their annual trek from the warm waters of the Caribbean to their summer feeding grounds off the coast of New England and...

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