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The Healing Library: Available Kits for Family Healing

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How can libraries serve families during times of trauma? To assist families in healing, libraries can assemble kits from The Healing Library’s free resources.   This slideshow requires JavaScript. As a counselor I’ve seen how community plays a role in people’s ability to endure, and even heal, in the midst of loss, tragedy, and change. Libraries are key community entities that can be part of this connecting people with resources and information in times of need in a variety of ways. . The Healing Library offers an encompassing resource for those looking for more than just a couple books...

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Raisin, the Littlest Cow: Story Hour Kit

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    RAISIN, THE LITTLEST COW: Story Hour Kit Best Users: Librarians, Booksellers, Educators, Early Childhood Educators, Play Groups Best Audience: Children Grades 00-03   ABOUT THE GUIDE While not all of your readers know what it is like to suddenly become an older sibling, they all know the frustration of wanting something from a distracted adult or what it’s like to feel left out. Raisin, the littlest cow, is experiencing these familiar frustrations.  However, she does not despair; she comes up with her own solution. With this kit, your readers can recreate Raisin’s...

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The Story I’ll Tell: Adoption & Arrival Writing Activity

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THE STORY I’LL TELL Adoption & Arrival Writing Activity   Best Users: Adoption Organizations, Early Childhood & Elementary Educators, Librarians, Booksellers, Families Best Audience: Children Grades 00-03 About the Activity: The Story I’ll Tell opens with an adoptive mother saying to her child, “someday when you ask me where you came from, I will tell you a story.”  She proceeds to tell the child’s arrival story with hot air balloons, galloping horses, lanterns in the sky, dragons and more.  She concludes with a commitment to also tell her child the...

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