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Strong as Sandow: Giveaway Winners

Posted by on Nov 30, 2017 in Giveaway: Educators, Giveaway: Librarians | 0 comments

25 librarians,classroom teachers and physical education teachers won copies of this book thanks to Charlesbridge Publishing!   ABOUT THE BOOK Strong as Sandow: How Eugen Sandow Became the Strongest Man on Earth By Don Tate Illustrated by Don Tate Published by Charlesbridge ISBN-13: 9781580896283 Age Range: 6 – 9 Years Little Friedrich Müller was a puny weakling who longed to be athletic and strong like the ancient Roman gladiators. He exercised and exercised. But he to no avail. As a young man, he found himself under the tutelage of a professional body builder. Friedrich worked...

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Strong As Sandow: Author/Illustrator Fitness Video & Lesson Plans

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STRONG AS SANDOW Fitness Video and Lesson Plans Best Users: Librarians, Physical Education Teachers, Educators Best Audience: Children Grades 01-04   EXPLORE THE VIDEO & LESSON PLANS “Sparked by his own passion for bodybuilding and physical fitness, Tate recounts the story of Eugen Sandow (1867–1925) in this inspirational picture book.” —School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW Curious City spent two days interviewing and filming author/illustrator Don Tate’s “nothing in moderation” approach to picture book making and physical fitness. Both passions came...

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Groundhog’s Dilemma: Giveaway Winners & Activities

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in * Grades 00-02, * Grades 03-06, Giveaway: Educators, Giveaway: Librarians | 10 comments

PICTURE BOOK GIVEAWAY & ACTIVITIES For Educators & Librarians Serving Kids in Grades 00-05   On Groundhog’s Day discover whether you have won one one of 24 copies of Groundhog’s Dilemma by Kristen Remenar and illustrated by Matt Faulkner (Charlesbridge Publishing).  Thanks Charlesbridge! ABOUT THE BOOK To see or Not to See, THAT (of course) is the question! After Groundhog announces six more weeks of winter, half his animal friends are disappointed, while the other half are excited. Each animal asks Groundhog to make his prediction in their favor the following year. Rather...

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I’m New Here: Immigration Book Giveaway Winners

Posted by on Jan 19, 2016 in Giveaway: Educators, Giveaway: Librarians, Theme: Immigration | 0 comments

PICTURE BOOK GIVEAWAY For Educators, Librarians & Community Organizers Serving Kids in Grades 00-05 (This Giveaway Has Closed-Sorry!) Thanks to Charlesbridge Publishing, we gave away 30 copies of this “Kirkus Reviews Best Picture Books of 2015.” Maria is from Guatemala, Jin is from Korea, and Fatima is from Somalia. All three are new to their American elementary school, and each has trouble speaking, writing, and sharing ideas in English. Through self-determination and with encouragement from their peers and teachers, the students learn to feel confident and comfortable in...

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I’m New Here: Classroom & Community Guide to Welcoming Immigrants

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I’M NEW HERE Welcoming Kit For Communities & Classrooms Best Users: Educators, Public Children’s Librarians, School Librarians, Community Groups, Welcoming / Immigrant Organizations Best Audience: Children Grades 00-05   ABOUT THE KIT This Welcoming Kit, created in conjunction with I’m Your Neighbor, helps you create a conversation about welcoming immigrants and refugees in your classroom, library or community. The kit provides talking points and materials to help you: — Have conversations about the universality of being “new.” — Explore situations where one feels...

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