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Extraordinary Warren: Past Giveaway

Posted by on Apr 9, 2015 in Giveaway: Educators, Giveaway: Librarians | 1 comment

BOOK GIVEAWAY (Closed-Sorry!) For Librarians, Educators & Other Extraordinary Literacy Folks In celebration of the CSLP Summer Reading theme of Every Hero has a Story, the release of the picture book/early readers/comics series  Extraordinary Warren a Super Chicken and  Extraordinary Warren Saves the Day by Sarah Dillard and its companion Story Hour Kit, Curious City DPW and Simon & Schuster are giving away 25 copies of one of the two volumes! “A good-humored story that nicely blends picture book, chapter book, and graphic novel elements.” —Publishers Weekly And the Winners Are…...

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Extraordinary Warren: Story Hour Kit

Posted by on Dec 2, 2014 in * Grades 00-02, * Grades 03-06, KidLit Tool: Event Kit, KidLit Tool: Play Groups, KidLit Tool: Story Hour Kit, KidLit Tool: Treasure Hunt, Theme: Comics & Graphic Novels, Theme: Kinetic Literacy | 4 comments

Reader Engagement Project: THE BOOKS In the picture books, Extraordinary Warren Saves the Day and Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken, Warren, a bespectacled chicken, is bored with the everyday chicken routine (peck, cluck, feed; peck, cluck, feed) until he finds a sidekick in the newly hatched Egg. Early one morning the ever curious Egg takes off on his own and crosses the road, where he winds up getting lost in a field of corn. When Warren finally realizes Egg has flown the coop, nothing stops him from locating his best buddy! “A good-humored story that nicely blends picture book,...

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