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Deadly Wish: A Ninja’s Journey: MG/YA Giveaway

Posted by on Dec 5, 2017 in Giveaway: Educators, Giveaway: Librarians | 1 comment

IN HONOR OF NATIONAL NINJA DAY… 30 libraries won this girl ninja novel thanks to Boyds Mill Press!   ABOUT THE BOOK Deadly Wish: A Ninja’s Journey Series: A Ninja’s Journey Series, Book 2 By Sarah L. Thomson Published by Boyds Mill Press ISBN-13: 9781629797779 Lexile: 870L Age Range: 10 – 14 Years This sequel to Deadly Flowers is a fast-paced and compelling read with a multitude of astonishing plot twists. Kata is one of the best employees of a master thief until he sells her to Madame Chiyome, the woman who trained Kata as a ninja. It turns out that Madame...

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Deadly Wish: Giveaway Winners

Posted by on Feb 15, 2017 in Giveaway: Educators, Giveaway: Librarians | 4 comments

DEADLY FLOWERS Ninja Novel Giveaway (Closed) We are gave away 24 individual copies to Librarians, Book Club and Community Organizers, Educators, and Booksellers Serving Grades 5-10.  Thank you to Boyds Mill Press! Every winner also received a box of Pocky! Deadly Flowers: A Ninja’s Tale By Sarah L. Thomson Published by Boyds Mill Press Hardcover ISBN-13: 9781629792149 Lexile: 750L Age Range: 10 – 14 Years Kata, a ninja, embarks on her first solo mission, for which she must enter a warlord’s castle and make sure that a certain sleeping occupant never awakens. But then Kata...

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Deadly Flowers: Ninja Game for Libraries & Bookstores

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DEADLY FLOWERS Ninja Game for Libraries, Book Clubs & Bookstores Best Users: Librarians, Book Clubs, Bookstores Best Audience: Children Grades 05-10   ABOUT THE ACTIVITY Librarians, booksellers, and book clubs can use this game not only to engage readers with Kata’s ninja adventures in Deadly Flowers and Deadly Wish (Boyds Mill Press), but also to engage them in using the library or bookstore as a resource. School librarians may find the kit to be a great way to introduce readers to the layout and search tools of the library at the beginning of the term. In the game, three teams...

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Quick, Little Monkey: Giveaway Winners

Posted by on Jun 16, 2016 in Giveaway: Educators, Giveaway: Librarians | 0 comments

PICTURE BOOK GIVEAWAY   For Educators, Librarians & Community Organizers Serving Grades 00-02   We gave away 40 copies! Our thanks to the Boyds Mill Press and author Sarah L. Thomson!   ABOUT THE BOOK Quick, Little Monkey! By Sarah L. Thomson Illustrated by Lita Judge Published by Boyds Mill Press Age Range: 3 – 7 Years Lexile: AD350L When Little Monkey’s curiosity causes her to slip and fall to the dark, shadowy rainforest floor, she must hide—quick!—because an ocelot is looking for lunch. Thanks to Papa, Little Monkey knows just what to do to stay safe. And thanks...

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Quick, Little Monkey: STEM Story Hour Kit

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in * Grades 00-02, KidLit Tool: Story Hour Kit, Theme: Nature & Environment, Theme: Science & STEM, Zee Lastest and Greatest | 3 comments

Pygmy Marmoset STEM STORY HOUR KIT   Best Users: Early Childhood & Elementary Educators, Librarians, Play Groups, STEM Coordinators Best Audience: Children Grades 00-02 About the Kit: Use this kit in an early childhood or elementary classroom, library, or bookstore or at a child’s party or play date.  Best for ages 3-7 In the picture book Quick, Little Monkey! the young pygmy marmoset, Little Monkey, is told by Papa to “hold tight, hide here, and keep still” to be safe from predators.  Little Monkey does a good job until she is distracted by a butterfly and falls from her safe spot....

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