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“You two are just alike!” everyone tells duckling twins Olivia and Lily in Always Twins by Teri Weidner (Holiday House). But while Olivia likes to “jump in the mud,” run around, and quack so everyone can hear, Lily prefers studying and daydreaming. These different activities don’t always work well together, and eventually the twins grow annoyed by their differences and head off in opposite directions.

But the twins can’t stand to be apart for long. Lily comes looking for Olivia, only to find her stuck in a tree. An adventure ensues that ends in a frightening tumble. Finally safe, the twins realize that while sometimes they are the same and sometimes they are different, one thing is certain: they are “always twins.”

This kit is designed for libraries, bookstores, PreK-Grade 1 classrooms, and families with kids ages 2-6.

In the picture book, twins Lily and Olivia, who are seen by everyone as “just alike,” have an argument about their differences. While they both stomp off, Olivia strays a bit too far and Lily has to go search for her twin.

1) Treasure Hunt & Puppet Craft. This kit offers templates of Olivia and Lily that can be cut and folded to serve both as standees and hand puppets. With the Lily puppet on their hand, story hour kids search for one of the Olivia standees/puppets that you have hidden in your space. Once both ducklings are reunited, the black and white ducklings can be colored and otherwise decorated.

2) Daisy Chains. Lily is a daydreamer while Olivia likes to run and jump in the mud. You can tell the twins apart by their behavior, but also by the fact that Lily likes to wear daisy chains. The kit includes instructions on making daisy chains indoors or outdoors.

Engagement/Programming Tools:

View, Download & Print: Always Twins Story Hour Kit

Visit AlwaysTwins.com for other story hour and classroom tools including free, reproducible bookmarks, felt board images, coloring sheets and other activities.



Best Users:

Public Children’s Librarians, Families & Play Groups, School Librarians, Grades Pre-K-1, Bookstores

Best Audience:

Children Grades K-2

More on the Book:

Always Twins

Written & Illustrated by Teri Weidner
Published by Holiday House
ISBN-13: 9780823431595
Publication date: 1/30/2015
Ages 2-5


  1. Having the ideas and materials free and readily available is such a help to busy school librarians. I can’t wait to try this with my K/1 class.


    • Marcia, thank you for saying so! *HELP* is what we most want to do!


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